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@t54r4n1 the positioning algorithm really shoves them right up next to the text while continuing to punish folks with dark backgrounds; a triumph for usability

@earthtopus i tried to put limning around the dark sides but i guess at this scale it's um not observeable

@t54r4n1 I love and appreciate your work, and hate the system that lets emoji partly disappear, jauntily overlap each other and generally have priority of space for the surrounding text, all of which decrease readability

@earthtopus if i could code, i'd make you (and everyone) a text-only mode that renders the alt text on everything by force

@t54r4n1 only locally-created emoji even have the hovertext in the alt field; regular ones contain as alt-text a *copy of the emoji character itself*, which is a particular kind of fuck-you. (the hovertext is in the "title" attribute of both kinds of emoj)

@t54r4n1 so the two kinds don't actually get treated like each other *or* like regular images, for which I'm given to understand alt-text is of some consideration

@t54r4n1 once again, I really like the work and appreciate your efforts! It's also nice my stomach has been feeling better enough to Get Too Online for a moment, and sorry about the rant; at like 200% magnification the hilts and the limning look really nice

@t54r4n1 No promises that I can work on this any time soon, but out of curiosity @earthtopus what does your ideal no-emoji mode look like?

@firewally @t54r4n1 the pipe dream is the ability to display the text from the title attribute (not the alt-text, which doesn't always contain that text string, apparently) instead of a readability-destroying picture. The only solution I can conceive of is blocking them entirely at the CSS level, which of course loses all of the information associated with them and would make emoji-heavier tweets absolutely unreadable

@earthtopus @t54r4n1 It seems plausible to do that as a user preference, but the last time I tried building Mastodon it was a whole pile of mystery build errors so IDK

@earthtopus @t54r4n1 all I did to make them bigger was increase their size without regard their positioning, because it was a quick and dirty way to get something people wanted. I could work on centering the positioning or changing the line height, but it hasn't been a focus.

@lawremipsum gut says thanks but they're always going to be bigger than text and get spacing priority anyway, right? the last thing I want is some sort of unintended consequence dynamic system where each one shoves lines of text around differently than all the others. (I am morbidly curious why they're allowed to overlap each other at corners and approach text to within normal line spacing)

@earthtopus my solution would probably be to just increase all line heights by a few pixels.

@lawremipsum ...which puts less text on the screen! Towards which everything depressingly seems to trend

@t54r4n1 I'm trying to find a picture of my HRT knife

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