Spicy Bullshit from my Former Employer 

I've been talking to a former coworker. She's one of two people in a department, and they're WAY overworked. She's single-handedly saved them from drowning, and documented SO MUCH process, despite an incredibly rough year personally.

She just had her yearly review (late), and noticed an error on her salary/raise.

Turns out, they've been paying her $10k MORE per year than they thought they were. AND NOW THEY'RE TRYING TO NEGOTIATE HER DOWN TO THAT AMOUNT.

Spicy Bullshit from my Former Employer 

Update on this, they forced her to take the $7k pay cut and pay back the $10k with a combination of giving up benefits and paycheck deductions.

She's looking for a new job and already has several promising leads.

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Spicy Bullshit from my Former Employer 

@Zuph wow. wow, fuck that place. That's. Paying back pay she already EARNED? I hope that place becomes bankrupt overnight.

Spicy Bullshit from my Former Employer 

@t54r4n1 ABSOLUTELY the same. I know at least 3-4 other coworkers who are actively trying to get out, and those are just the ones I know of.

Honestly, feels a little vindicating to be the first rat to flee the ship 😂

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