can i get a "fuck fireworks, all my pals like peace and quiet" going in the chat

@t54r4n1 holy christ yes. i think that period of the pandemic when ppl were setting off fireworks all the time for no fucking reason permanently soured me on fireworks

war, ptsd, drugs 

@nev @t54r4n1 one of my coworkers is a traumatized iraq war vet and she has to get herself completely baked every 4th just to make it through the day

god bless america /s

@t54r4n1 Fuck fireworks. I'm in South Saint Paul instead of Phillips now but I'm still doing the, 'is it fireworks or gunshots?' Game.

@t54r4n1 golf course fireworks came early for me this year. Had to ride home through the sulphurous haze

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