city living status: I have just mentally prepared myself for how to deal with an incessant car alarm next time it happens.

wait 15 minutes to let the owner address it. then: crawl under, use a screwdriver to pop the hood latch, disconnect the battery. byee

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@t54r4n1 do cars not have battery backups for the alarm that don't require the main battery?


@earthtopus I mean, I can unplug other stuff until I figure it out at that point. like the horn itself

@t54r4n1 one of the awful things about that awful condo in Capitola was that there was someone who did not know or could not figure out the combination of lock/unlock methods that wouldn't set off their alarm and set it off every. single. morning. while they cursed and fumbled around on their way to work

stranger's eating disorder 

@lawremipsum @t54r4n1 and out back through the bathroom window one could hear a neighbor retching multiple times a day, what an apartment complex that was

@earthtopus sure does sound like someone you want making the ten thousand life or death decisions that are involved with operating heavy machinery

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