here's a local review of Owamni, the Sioux Chef's restaurant, where they serve decolonized food. it's good.

@t54r4n1 omg he has a restaurant now???? Yesssss

I have his cookbook and I love it

@alpine_thistle he does and it's at a beautiful location and the food is as good as that review says. irl

@densetsu it IS and i would love to go again once it's warm enough to dine outside

meat. hunting. Native Food. 

@t54r4n1 I'm reading the review you linked and getting a bit emotional myself as I go along with the author on her dining experience and what this food means to her. I haven't had antelope since one of my friends in Colorado who is a bow hunter shared some of his antelope and Three Sisters soup (corn, beans and squash). There is just something very special about food like that. I still cook a lot with pepitas and sunflowers and forage my wild greens when I can.

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