:retootPlz:​ What were some of the most helpful tips (or maybe THE most helpful tip in singular) when feminising your voice through voice training?

In addition, if you speak multiple languages, how do you feel voice feminisation is different in your languages, if at all?

Gender differences in voice pitch 

@meave Male and female norms for pitch are indeed *wildly* different by language. From my phonetics lecture notes:

(Male vs female average)
English: 107 Hz vs 195 Hz
Mandarin: 129 Hz vs 213 Hz
Shanghainese: 170 Hz vs 187 Hz
French: 145 Hz vs 226 Hz
Japanese: 150 Hz vs 340 Hz

Does make me wonder if English-speaking men are trying extra-hard to sound Not Female. And if Japanese women are trying to sound very, very young.

Gender differences in voice pitch 

@yingtai huh that's fascinating! How did they test this, do you remember?

Gender differences in voice pitch 

@meave @yingtai interesting! I've found a reddit post, maybe from your classmate lol? i wanna see the cite on shanghainese orz reddit.com/r/linguistics/comme

Gender differences in voice pitch 

@t54r4n1 @meave I don't have exact links, but these incomplete citations were on the slides! Might be enough to track them down?

English: Keating & Kuo 2012
Mandarin: Keating & Kuo 2012
Shanghainese: Rose 1991
French: Chervie-Muller et al 1967
Japanese: Onishi 1981


Gender differences in voice pitch 

@yingtai @meave found it! philjohnrose.net/pubs/Tone_pub / philjohnrose.net/pubs/Tone_pub

Rose, at least, thinks that Shanghainese speakers are performing gender through tone differences, rather than f0 (pitch). I'd say any of these claims would be a tall hill to climb based on a sample size of 4 males 3 females.

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Gender differences in voice pitch 

@yingtai @meave good grief its 1991 and this guy is out here measuring the f0 by *hand* (page 236) because he doesn't trust the software (not entirely unreasonably). okay maybe that's why you only got 7 speakers lol

Gender differences in voice pitch 

@t54r4n1 @meave I took my first phonetics course in 2000, and we were taught to measure everything by hand, because the software's F0 detection wasn't that great. Nowadays you adjust a setting if you see something obviously wrong, or you rely on statistics to cancel out the errors, but that wasn't the modus operandi back then. There was a long gap between computers being able to do things vs being able to do them well!

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