some jackass: yeah no I trust larger corporations to handle my personal stuff like DMs because they have accountability and processes

Facebook: it is literally impossible for us to tell the court a comprehensive list of what information we have about you, because we don't document shit

classic "if you don't write it down it didn't happen" interpreted maliciously at the corporate scale

@t54r4n1 the modern version of shredders running hot is someone running through the datacenter with a magnet. But they'll be so disorganized, they won't know where to go.

@t54r4n1 This happened in a US court, but might have repercussions in the EU as well since European laws mandate users might be able to request or delete all their data.

@t54r4n1 But SOMEHOW they managed to report to the police that some girl wanted to have an abortion. Funny how technology works heh.

@t54r4n1 so.. they state that they are in breach of GDPR? Did i hear that right? :)

@Me_but_lewd no idea at all lol as i'm not in EU. get their ass though lmao

@t54r4n1 GDPR has a maximum penalty of some percent of global gross income (not profit! Income!)

But they surely are located in ireland .. and the data protection agency there already got a penalty from the highest eu-court because they act so little .. while raking in all eu-wide taxes ..

I just hope that they made a legal mistake and will be punished - but i doubt it :(

@t54r4n1 I can believe them. I can also believe that they’re lying. Because they really want to conceal the meta-identities they concoct alongside each account (and for people who don’t have accounts).

It’s marvelous either way, although US institutions are likely to fail to mete out appropriate punishments. Hopefully the EU will expel them from the continent. 💀

@amcooper @t54r4n1 it's really wild that they probs have more data on me than I'd give them if I'd had a facebook.

@amcooper @t54r4n1 this kinda reminds me of how back in the day when radioactivity was newly discovered and ppl did all sorts of wicked shit with it, like give it to people as medicine, make radioactive clothes and blankets to keep you warm, radioactive chocolate bars etc. or climate change, or tobacco... they push it until the worst adverse effects come to effect, and then we gotta battle with it for ages, and they just shift to poorer countries


@t54r4n1 wrong. theyll intercept like the NSA , hang your autotyping on every word- even when off-- slam you for supporting 1/4th UN ammendment inre freedom of expression.....yada yada...they have it- wont give it.

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