i'm cranky and people talking shit they know nothing about is not helping

oh, pain meds. I can have them. that will help.

so would not dragging the name of switter through the dirt for the thousandth time


switter (the sex worker instance) was closed because of literal actual government interference from numerous nations. please do the reading before painting fedi with a swerf or other reactionary brush. i want sex workers to be SAFE dammit and that means knowing when we can't responsibly be a part of your work. and sex work is work.
please read switter.at/ - their own words - before developing a Take.

@t54r4n1 What if they hosted the instance in like, Paradise Nevada or Amsterdam? 🤔

@Cher I can only hope that someone would do so - once they've determined they can keep their users safe. it's a big responsibility to host a marginalized group's personal information!

@Cher @t54r4n1 Nevada is still subject to fosta and sesta bullshit. Plus you also need to put the CDNs and such :/


It's a shame how people in that industries are treated still. People all over the world use their services in all forms, but when it comes to give them dignity, protection and respect, the elites try to ban them back into the shadows and think the problems in that industry magically dissappear, if they just don't see them, though the opposite is true.

More transparency, more protection and more getting out into visibility will make it better.

Language which may be triggering 

@t54r4n1 It is my personal opinion that everyone who works for someone else is literally a whore.

The only difference is which body part(s) we are renting to whomever is paying us.

Personally, I whore out my brain, but to each their own. Work is work, and it's all valuable.

Language which may be triggering 

As a classically trained violinist, that's exactly what I tell people. I sell my time and body (including my brain) for something back. So does the office worker and the construction worker and everybody else. Even if I'm working for myself with no boss, I still sell my body and time when I play for something in return.

I'm glad I found this explanation. I read about it earlier and it was being used to say that the "fediverse has a history of mistreating marginalised groups".

@OctaviaConAmore @t54r4n1 yes, but also

*points at play vicious, an instance for Black people run by black people being harassed off the Fediverse by monads.online and their friends*

Oh dear, I'll see if I can find the details of what happened.

@OctaviaConAmore @t54r4n1 ask any black person who's been around longer than a year

i haven't seen a "canonical" writeup.

but maybe we don't need one.
maybe we just need to listen and believe.

I mostly just need someone that can remember, whether through the counter-ADHD-trick of "I write everything down" or "I remember it in vivid detail just because". Unfortunately, the only group of people I know I can find is lgbtq people, especially trans folk. I know one particular philosopher that's spokeN eloquently on things like this that's black, but I'm fairly sure he's a new arrival _| ̄|◯ il||li

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