"The end comes soon. We hear dads, grads in the deep. They are coming."


@densetsu but like. why. and what.... do we do

I for one love backdoor arts funding programs like "the social media account for consumer safety products" . take that Reagan
cw: surrealist bugs on Twitter twitter.com/USCPSC/status/1392

when you post, consider: what am I communicating with this? who will read it?
then forget everything you just thought of and pour your brain juice out on to the keyboard. you're golden brain juice


@prehensile I heard an actual gun was pulled in the store over card releases lol soooo

🌶🌶🌶🌶 for both Christians and Leftists 

Leftists who are waiting around for The Revolution


Christians who are waiting around for the Second Coming


today is the first time I "ran" (slow jogged with walking breaks) a 5k and thought "I could keep going if I really had to" instead of instantly collapsing

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1953 - Philosophical Investigations - a text about how language cannot be understood without participating in it

1969 - Speech Acts - a text on how language is more than just attaching meaning to each word

2021 - Machine Learning - if we embed each word with a meaning, and make the machine watch lots of conversations, it'll understand language!

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, food 

@Pixley yes!!! hyped to make this sauce soon now thanks amelia

re: Disordered eating, diet culture, food 

@Cyborgneticz @mxsparks @Pixley not particularly, though I think she has given up this exact method of self-harm.

re: Disordered eating, diet culture, food 

@Cyborgneticz @mxsparks @Pixley my mom did this for years and it hurt her so much :(

Disordered eating, diet culture, food 

@Pixley can I get that recipe though I've been trying to create that kind of peanut sauce for years

sorry for gentrifying the timeline. feel free to block, mute, defed, and reclaim the space

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