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all i wanna do is eat baguette with cheese an watch Watch For Falling Rocks in 0.5 A Press an then nap

that third game of overwatch was most certainly A Mistake. got grouped back with the same toxic people who lost the match the previous game.

i wonder like honestly how much of my current-life beliefs are based on reading bob the angry flower comics back a dozen years ago

queerness status: got a "brights" palette for the purpose of sharing it with my girlfriend to make pride-themed eye-and-other makeup for the rest of the month :heart_pride:

I'm selling some used synthesizers on ebay! 

The Church of the Subgenius brought us (okay, reintroduced) the concept of Short Duration Personal Saviors. Why be stuck with one savior all the time when that one might not be right for whatever spiritual or life challenge you might be facing?

Now introducing:

short duration personal gender


Another genderless insult you can use when your team loses 


and if you move from a country where it's illegal to a country where it's legal does that make you... *sunglasses* an exgaytriate?

pronouncing wednesday in your head as “wedness-day” whenever u type it bc words aren’t real anyway

@earthtopus points out the lump of cat fat that won't fit in one cardboard tray

The real climate change was the friends we made along the way

Legal "Joke" 

children crying waiting for their turn at the SSA is a Big Mood

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