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*sips tea* internet anarchists are reactionaries. go bake some bread about it instead

casual reminder that is a beautiful website for a beautiful reason

@t54r4n1 the real state fair was the FEMA vaccination site we stood up along the way

existential dread 

except haha the climate crisis and the pervasive nature of racism fucking with my community and haha uh you know mostly those but probably some other stuff will come up between now and then lol

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she has a surgery date and we have shots scheduled and well you know what. by the time the state fair comes around everything might be a few levels of Existential Dread lower

at the age of [ancient] i still get weepy when i'm overtired. fuck this

seven nines sounds fancy and shit but you only get three seconds to yourself every year at that rate. you deserve better. we all deserve better. say no to seven nines.

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oh yeah it :awoo: 'd earlier but I was busy playing with a basket so my hands were too busy to post!
delayed :awoo: 🚨

men will literally re-learn Blender to avoid filing their taxes

Mitra, saying what's wrong with Self Care 

still thinking about how the fuck she said what I have been thinking quietly with maybe 2 people in the whole world
"Throughout the pandemic, there’s been a lot of discussion of self-care. This discussion has centered on individual actions one can take to manage the relentless onslaught of traumatic experiences and information in order to not feel so bad."

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ok we're officially the hottest duo to walk this earth 🔥🔥😼😼

hiding because of eye contact from both of us.

fuck it, i'm putting 'acab' in my delegate 'why are you running' thing

Mitra, saying what's wrong with Self Care 

"The problem with an individualistic view of self-care is that it fundamentally cannot address the overlapping structural collapses of systems that are each their own outgrowths of unrestrained exploitative capitalism."

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