Also I will say the upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 was painful in all the usual ways beyond that extra stupidity. Then once I got everything working correctly again it asks me if I want to upgrade to 22.04 and I have never hit the no button so hard in my life. Lol.

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So upgrading to ununtu server 20.04 if you have an nvidia video card, it turns out, is special hell

Figuring out an equitable division of household labor with a person who is genuinely not bothered by lots of filth is very hard.

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If you have ever wondered: how filthy does the bathroom need to get before [someone, anyone else who lives in same house] will clean it?

The answer is they will not clean it and it doesn't matter how filthy it gets. Asking the question in the first place tells you the answer.

On my server I have libraries broken out into "North American TV", "British TV", and "Foreign TV" (all else). And suddenly figuring out which folder "#\Burnistoun" should live in becomes a political decision. lol

Also apparently I ripped all my Horrible Histories DVDs and the files have been sitting on this random other computer for a year. Uhhhh.... thanks, past me!

Whelp. My plex server now has over 60 British TV series on it, including some really very obscure crap I got off The Box in its heyday. Norman Lovett's terrible 1993 sitcom? You bet.

Now that I finished just moving everything over from old drives, I can start adding new things.

I am finally moving all of my media onto my plex server and good lord have I got a lot of British TV.

If you are feeling especially daring, do the same thing but for "" lol

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Here's a fun adventure. Go to the bird site and do a global search for ""

Meatloaf made with oatmeal is a VERY different texture from meatloaf made from (any) dry breakfast cereal.

..............If you make your meatloaf with actual breadcrumbs I'm sorry you're too fancy for me.

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For those who might be curious about how confusing the American hellcare system is, here's a short video about the basic terminology used in the insurance industry. Yes, it's half an hour long, but that's only because it covers the basics and not all of the nuances.

I swear I spend every other day just wanting to tap out from dealing with people, or maybe specifically dealing with nerds. When I am on my game I am fine, but when my brain is even slightly difficult it's just ugghhhhghh.

ADHD meds turning daily dopamine levels into a bit of a roller coaster probably is not helping me particularly, here. Another thing to proactively try to manage in order to be able to try to manage everything else. Don't talk to me about "adulting"...

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Hey! Hi! Hello! I'm *very* new here, and this is my !

My name is Rose (she/her), I'm a recklessly optimistic nerd in the Twin Cities.

I've been in for a while, and am still trying to find where I belong.

I'm , , , , and I use too many heart emoji.

I enjoy of all kinds, but have a special place in my heart for cooperative games, be they be high or low tech. My current favorite is indie TTRPG Raccoon Sky Pirates.

HMU BTW if you are in Minneapolis area and would appreciate this sort of Holiday gift! :)

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Tonight I am making my very first smudge sticks in order to give awesome holiday gifts to friends who use smudge sticks

I am not a witch but holy shit can I grow a garden

If I could not work at a real job, and just spend all of my time creatively fixing things and repurposing old things, that would be pretty cool.

I really need health insurance though.

Also it is just downright embarrassing how much faster and better featured DD-WRT is vs. the major OEM firmwares. JFC

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Spent much of today teaching myself DD-WRT so I could use some REALLY old routers I had in a bin to get a stronger wi-fi signal downstairs and in the backyard

Sure a true mesh network would be sexy but this was free

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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