The House version of hPVI, my Minnesota legislative district partisan index, is out!

If you like legislative district partisan scores, this post is for you. If you don’t like legislative district partisan scores, what is wrong with you?

🎶 Tweet storm Alabama
Where the skies used to be blue
Tweet storm Alabama
Lord, please end it all now 🎶

Gee I wonder how a guy with an island called the Isle of Babes could be interesting to a bunch of scientists? Probably because he asked thought provoking questions like “what is gravity?”

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“He used to come up with all kinds of interesting—it’s hard to even put my finger on it. Haven’t you spoken to the other scientists who went to his various dinners? Or else went down to the Isle of Babes, which I did not do, and have them describe to you how come he was so fascinating?”

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“He would say, “Oh, what is gravity?” Which of course is an unanswerable thing to present at a dinner to a bunch of scientists. And because he was Jeffrey, why, they would—and as the founder of the feast—they would listen to him and try to give [answers].”

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The state invested around $70 million in software designed to make overnight processing instantaneous, as well as allow drivers to do more business online and at local kiosks.


The new software was created by FAST Enterprises. It's the same company that created MiDAS, which is the the computer system used by the state Unemployment Insurance Agency. MiDAS led to thousands of false fraud accusations and cost citizens millions of dollars.

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"A DPS official from that time told us the department had concerns about HP’s ability to deliver, based on what they knew about HP’s experience in another state. However, as she told us, HP was “our best hope, at that point.”"

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These dumb motherfuckers have learned nothing:

"Governor Tim Walz announced today that the state has signed a contract with Fast Enterprises to provide a software solution that will replace Minnesota’s Vehicle Licensing and Registration System. Fast Enterprises was the only responder to a Request for Proposals issued in June"

utopian future in the 1980s: flying cars
utopian future in the 2020s: no cars

On the bookshelf in my basement is a book titled “God” and a book titled “Dog”

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While I'm not a terrible coder, I am a terrible designer. So my web design tendencies are usually brutal minimalism as can be seen from my personal website, which was also my first experience doing a site.

As with anything I've ever done for the first time whenever I have to delve into the code of this site I shudder.

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I'm a programmer IRL. Although I do a lot of programming in the cloud. So is that real life, I'm not sure.

I also do coding stuff not related to work, a thing I've done recently is a site with the district maps of all the us and state districts along with relevant election info

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Some actual things about me:

I used to have a trivia team named "Mike Kilgore Trout."

I say "venn diagram" a lot. For example, the venn diagram of people who know who Mike Trout is and people who know who Kilgore Trout is, in my experience, me."

There's a brewery near me called Venn that I like.

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I was at the game with my wife recently when, in a canned segment on the jumbotron, they were asking the players who they would most like to have dinner with. Many said Jesus.

When I scoffed at this my wife asked me who I would want to have dinner with.

"Osiris," I said.

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