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If you want my more social account, find me here: @paperfixie :blobcatcoffee:

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I'm Vince! I was a Genius at Apple for way too long. I currently do Mac IT for a small company in Bloomington.

I just moved here from PDX and I'm looking for friends! I'm originally from Philly (sorry)

I started writing about Mac IT on @smc &

I like evolutionary biology, dinosaurs and whales, diy tech, games, & trashy girl pop music

I went to school for animation and I'm v proud of my short film, Dear Dad, Love Maria (

I need to start getting out of the house more regularly and make friends. Does anyone have any space in a semi-regular D&D group for an enby tabaxi rogue?

Anyone got any openings in a tabletop RPG campaign of some kind? I need to find ways to get out more and a monthly/biweekly D&D game might do the trick. I'm also open to other systems like Fate or PbtA.

Any recs for a local business to pick up a nice split leaf philodendron for my wife for Valentine's Day?

Does anyone have recommendations for a small/prepaid cellphone carrier in the area that uses a GSM network as their backbone? I'm researching ways to save money and if we can make our cellphone bill go down that would be awesome. I need GSM because I'm on AT&T with an unlocked pixel 2 and I don't want to buy a new phone.

I haven't been active on here for awhile, sorry folks, I know you're missing this quality suburban sell-out dad content :P

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ok buckos i hope you like DESATURATED COLORS and SNOW-RIMED LEAVES because i updated my profile picture. it's winter~~~

Hello all! I have returned from Hawaii and I reversed all my blood thickening I did living here for 3 months.

Hey all! It's starting to get cold in the midwest, take a moment to look into donating to this organization who help supply coats, school supplies, running water, and heat to Indigenous people throughout the plains!

Ah yes, this is what allergies feel like...

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Wow, I need gloves and to remember to put on my wool leggings in the morning now.

Current move status: Cat found portal to another dimension in the storage room because we couldn't find her for hours and then she appeared again after I had checked that room three times.

Apoy MPLS is fucking great and you should go there for dank Filipino food.

Anyone have recs for a barbershop in S MPLS/Richfield? I need a haircut

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A great message from  …
RT Today's weather risk is a good time to remind you to have multiple ways to receive storm alerts! Cell phone apps, texts/calls from EC Co's Emerg. Notification System, TV/Radio alerts, NOAA Weather Radios, Storm sirens can be used. Do NOT rely on 1 system


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