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Hi! I'm Veronica! Here's my public !

I'm a Linux system admin and COBOL dev, who recently started moving into web development. That's a trip!

I recently started a YouTube channel called "Veronica Explains". It's about Linux with a dash of retro. Some folks call me "Linux Mom" and that works for me!

Quick link to subscribe:

I'm here to connect with nerds, nerds, and their associated communities.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you around!

Me: "I just need a few more screenshots before I can upload my next video!"
Also me: [spends two hours finding a 1986 magazine article for three seconds of footage]

We’re watching DART! If you don’t wanna miss a thing with today’s deep impact, you should watch too!

Content moderation on YouTube 

It's not that I need to "be protected" from these comments. Far from it- I receive so many comments of all types that it's hard to keep track.

If I want to engage with more users, a way to "mark the comment as read and remove it from my feed" would be extremely helpful. And for some reason YouTube doesn't have it.

I can't help but wonder if some of that comes down to the biases of the individuals building YouTube. They haven't had to consider this.


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Content moderation on YouTube 

I legitimately don't want to prevent someone from leaving constructive critiques of my work. Nor do I want to block users who comment on my appearance.

The former is useful to leave, and the latter is potentially dangerous to remove.

So, my only option to make the comment leave "the feed" is to... respond to it.

I either have to look at it over and over again, or say something.

That feels like bad design.

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Content moderation on YouTube 

This is an extremely useful tool that's missing, as there are **plenty** of comments I don't want to see, but also don't want to remove.

"You smile too much."

"You don't smile enough."

"Your mic is too close to you."

"Your mic is too far away from you."

And so on. These comments range from innocent to obnoxious, but I don't block the senders because the "censorship!" crowd then shows up. And that brings danger.

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Content moderation on YouTube 

YouTube offers "remove this comment" and "remove this comment and block this user" options for comment moderation.

These have obvious uses. Blocking a user prevents malicious folks from returning, while simply removing a comment allows a user to continue posting (useful if their comment was non-malicious but still warrants removal for some reason, perhaps a dead link or something).

But there's an option that's missing: "don't show me this comment again".

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Content moderation on YouTube 

Today's comments have been much better than this weekend's - my guess is the algorithm sent my C64 video to a bunch of new people who harbored some resentment toward non-dudes. Oh well.

One thing that's weird is that YouTube doesn't give you a simple "don't show me this comment again" option.

Let me explain a bit about what that means for me as a creator, because I think it's kinda interesting...

before you seize the means of production, you should make sure you can seize the means of staging

Anyone know of a way to make a LUT from two images using Gnu/IMP or other Linux-friendly software?

My need: I have a video I recorded in split shifts last week. Apparently I must have knocked the white balance off on my light rig and everything's different on half of the video.

My thought is I should be able to take two stills and color match the one into a LUT that could be applied to the other in Kdenlive, but I'm not a colorist. Anyone have an idea?

More sexism, more "the comments" 

This one I just had to reply to. I might come to regret it.

These dudes just keep coming over the last couple of days, I'm guessing I'm now on some sort of list.

I guess I made it? It's on my C64 video on YouTube. Men-on-the-internet, you're free to take a shift handling these dudes- I know I grow tired of it!

Sexism, "the comments" 

Also, don't tell me "just ignore them".

They're the ones making decisions.

They're the ones doing the hiring and the firing.

They're the ones with mothers, sisters, and wives who can't ignore them.

YOU have to do more policing of your own, and YOU have to stand up when you see this type of crass behavior.

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Sexism, "the comments" 

This very much reminds me of all of the times I (as the only developer on a project) would get told to "let your dev guy know he fixed the bug".

Same mentality, different extreme.

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Sexism, "the comments" 

One of my videos has recently gotten a lot of attention from a certain type of male chauvinist, and I don't know why.

It's amazing that there are men who say things like this. Not surprising, though.

Also: men, come get your people.

I've been using this Model M for a week now, and editing video on it. I don't think I could ever go back to a compact keyboard.

Don't get me wrong- I love my System76 Launch keyboard for what it is. But the full size keyboard is just... perfect. At least from an editing standpoint.

I have purchased, and configured, to be my new URL shortener. That is all.

Nobody: ...
Me: I wonder if I can hack a Scantron machine?

I know WordPress can add some sort of forum features- I'd much rather have the whole thing on WordPress than deal with cross-site authentication somehow. But, I haven't done a forum on WordPress before, so I'm very open to feedback! If you've tried it and think WordPress-based forums are terrible, I'm interested in your experience!

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I'm considering hosting a forum on my website!

I think it could be easier to do a forum post for each video in order to share some technical info. I figure it's less "here's a comment" and more "I hope to contribute to a healthy discussion".

Plus, I very much want my work to be beyond just the video. I know not everyone consumes info that way and I want to, you know, *actually contribute* for the most amount of people.

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

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