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Hi! I'm Veronica! Here's my public !

I'm a Linux system admin and COBOL dev, who recently started moving into web development. That's a trip!

I recently started a YouTube channel called "Veronica Explains". It's about Linux with a dash of retro. Some folks call me "Linux Mom" and that works for me!

Quick link to subscribe:

I'm here to connect with nerds, nerds, and their associated communities.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you around!

Me: [buys one thing from TigerDirect yesterday]
TigerDirect today: [three ads before lunch]

BTW, I am using a light theme mainly because the global menu isn't changing to a lighter text unless I'm on the super darkest dark mode, which isn't wonderful on my laptop when I'm outside.

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I'm on my second day of production work using Fedora Plasma, and I have to say I am loving having the global menu again.

I'd love to see more desktops supporting global menus.

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My company is hiring for a focused Sr. Data Engineer, (US Timezones). We maintain an project that ingests legislation from all 50 states and help some very cool nonprofits advocate for change. We'll have more positions opening soon as well; would love to chat via DM!

I've been thinking about reviving my old blog for a while now (redesigning it as well) and a question popped up.

What device do you use when reading a webblog that is not on tumblr?

:sharesloved: Boosts appreciated.

I'm doing a poll on my Patreon about what my next retro video should be, and it was tough narrowing it down to 3 choices.

I mean, eventually I'll hopefully do all three, but I've gotta earn a living.

Oh, and in case you're one of those folks wondering if I'm a "shill" for trying Fedora (eye rolls at YouTube comments), I only wish I was getting paid to promote Linux desktops!

I'd strongly consider dropping everything else to get paid to promote Linux. Hit me up. πŸ˜‹

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Why am I trying Fedora?

Why not? They do good work, and it's good for me to hop out of my familiar zone every now and again, right?

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Just for background, in case it's helpful: I've been a happy Pop!_OS user for a couple of years on both my production desktop and laptop.

Before that, I was an Arch user for a couple of years. And before that I was a rabid distro-hopper.

I regularly use RHEL and its siblings for prod system work, but it's been a good long while since I used Fedora as my main machine. This'll be fun!

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OK folks! I've rigged up Fedora Plasma on a spare laptop, and I'm giving it a shot for professional work over the next week.

Will try to keep updates as replies to this toot. Will likely do a follow-up blog post and/or video at some point.

I want Linux on the desktop to grow, become easier, and welcome new users. I'm not into gatekeeping.

Does anyone have a source for laptop batteries that isn't a crapshoot?

#tilvids video of the day - First look at the #Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Spin! 🐧

(video courtesy of @vkc Follow @veronicaexplains for more great tech content!)

#Linux #opensource #kdeplasma #PeerTube

Need more free COVID tests? USPS is now allowing a third round of requests with 8 tests included this time:

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I try not to bog down in analytics on my videos, but I thought it might be an interesting data point to share:

My video today was the first one I've posted since leaving birdsite, and my views on YouTube are actually UP compared with other videos. Including external sources!

And this doesn't take into account Peertube, either, which reaches an audience I wasn't getting on YouTube.

Shared just in case anyone else was worried about pulling the plug- there's a life after! :)

I need to switch to content creation and design full time.

As much as I love my freelance sysadmin work (and I do!), the politics of customers at this level is just too much. It's really starting to tax my mental health.

On the other hand, I *love* making videos and websites.

New video! In today's video, I try out the new 36 Spin. It's super neat and worth a look! One of the most customizable distros out there!

You can watch it on here:

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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