I wrote a short blog post about why I left Twitter (because clearly the world needs another one).

Feel free to share it on any social media you like! I'll take the hits!


> dank saloon

Is that pretty much a "dive bar" lol

@root I could have gone with "dive bar", but I like the "saloon" concept because it reminds me of the "space cowboy" look that Elon-folks seem to be fond of?

@vkc "dank saloon" is such a great descriptor of it!

@vkc well put.

Looking forward to more reading from you.

I definitely need to figure out how I want to read blog posts in the future.. I need to decide on a decent rss tool. 😅

@maloki I'm tempted to do a video on this, actually! I sync them up with my Nextcloud but I've been tempted to spin something up that works on very old equipment.

@vkc I have too many idea and too few spoons. 😅

@maloki @vkc I just started looking at RSS again myself and happily added Veronica's site to my feeds today. I've used FreshRSS in the past; it works pretty well. Currently trying out miniflux and liking it!

Sometimes #NixOS feels like magic; someone else put in the work, so adding `services.miniflux.enable = true` to a config is all that is required to get an instance running (on localhost) :D

@leah @vkc like Google reader was so good.

But I'm really glad they shut it down so I'm not stuck there as well. 😅 😂 🤣

But I've just never found a replacement I'd be comfortable with.

@vkc this is my take too. I don't have the same experience you have online. I don't get harassment. I hear and see it constantly. I have a concern that 2 years ago we had a lunatic billionaire using Twitter to goad the alt right to storm the capital. Now we another billionaire who was on one of his councils.

@vkc lots of crossover with my own reasons, great post. Here already seems so much less hostile on the whole which I think is truly fantastic.

@vkc I had created this account as soon as Twitter started endorsing NFTs. I was disappointed to find few active people, here. Kind of glad that people are now actively using/switching over.

The direction in which Twitter was heading was bothering me for quite some time. I haven’t deactivated my Twitter account yet, but hopefully, I’ll be able to do it as more and more people move here.

@vkc Great post, Veronica! I would just add--as someone who writes about tech history--that people often forget that nothing in tech is forever. There was a time before Twitter, and there will be a time after Twitter...which, um, I guess is now?

@vkc I haven’t left the tweeterverse yet, but it may be imminent. You nailed it with “dank saloon.”

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