Kdenlive is really remarkable- it doesn't get enough credit as an awesome editor.

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I moved from openshot to kdenlive a few months ago. I miss a lot of the canned effects, but I don't miss the toxic upstream. I contributed to kdenlive a small improvements to make some more interesting effects and the patient guidance I was given was night and day to openshot's stressed single developer.

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My latest problem is sound. If I bring an MP4 clip into OpenShot, the sound on the rendered video is horrible. Last video I did, I had to do separate audio as a WAV.

@passthejoe hmmm, did the WAV work ok? I wonder if there's a bug in MP4 processing?

FWIW, I don't have any such issue in Kdenlive.

@vkc The WAV worked. I was able to keep the audio synced b/c I didn't do any cuts. Syncing audio is something I don't really know much about.

It was the orig. mp4 audio source that seemed to throw OpenShot. That's why I want to try other editors. I want the basics to be more solid.

@vkc Your videos look so great -- I can't believe they are done in Kdenlive -- that's a pretty good endorsement for it!!


@passthejoe Someday I'll actually do a tutorial of how I use Kdenlive. It's been something I've been meaning to do, but it's slightly a challenge because of recursive issues with my editing workflow.

I'd probably want to have two PCs on my desk to do the demo- one to be the pretend PC which you see on screen, and the other to actually edit the final video. Doing it in a VM might run into bottlenecks.

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@vkc We use it for everything, but I use a slightly older app image as I HATE that they separated out the audio tracks as they just get in the way and make it harder to do quick edits. Before, If I needed to break out the audio, I would, but the "improvement" gives me an headache!

@vkc I'd like to know your workflow for all the text on the screen.

@passthejoe I just do the Project>Add Title Clip option. Then I customize the title, and then drag it into the timeline.

Occasionally, I'll do a zoom/rotate on a title just to give it some sparkle.

I'll often overlay two titles on top of each other for fun.

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