Another Linux/Unix poll:

/etc is pronounced:

@vkc Whichever one has the least votes, use that in future videos. You'll get more 🌟 engagement 🌟 - as people correct your pronunciation in comments. :D

@vkc @Edent On the Ubuntu Podcast we'd often get people complaining about how we pronounced Ubuntu. oo-boon-too, yew-bun-too, uh-bun-tu etc. It's like "you know you're listening to the Ubuntu podcast? You clearly *know* the subject matter. Let it lie!". But. People be people.

@vkc @Edent Also, also! (sorry, not sorry) The people who get cross about GNOME being nohme or guh-nohme. People have far too much time to care about the way people said words in the recent past. Also, I suffer from xkcd 386, which doesn't help. I'll shut up now (this may not be true).

@popey @vkc @Edent I contributed to a podcast called 'TINAP' (This is not a podcast). One individual thought it was was called 'Tina P' as in a lady's name. Which was nice.

@Edent @vkc Pronunciation nerds are weird. I used to correct people, but now I don't, because I think I've evolved into a more relaxed descriptivist (once I watched a Tom Scott video about Prescriptivism & Descriptivism :) ).

@popey @Edent @vkc

As long as gif is pronounced with a j, I'm happy. 🤣

@popey Oh, don't I know it. I learned it as "etsy" and I get lots of 🌟 engagement 🌟 from it!

@spicytamazon @vkc

Yes, this is me.

I have cured myself of the espresso disaster, but etc is usually pronounced with some extra cursed letters, for flavour.

Although the more I read the word, the closer to 'et-cuh' I am getting, interestingly (to me at least), only for the directory path, the usage in a sentence to imply a continuance of similar themed items is still 'exc-eter-uh'.

@vkc Ha. Results of this might change as the USA wakes up. Expecting "et-see" to make a late dash for the finish line as the day moves on.

@mackaj Yup, that's exactly my suspicion. I'm firmly of the et-see persuasion myself.

@vkc That's how my american colleagues pronounce it. First time I ever heard that (a very long time ago) was in a classroom where they'd shipped in a course tutor from the US. It created quite a stir 😆

@vkc yeah its why I use it :D I dunno where I got it from but it's stuck with me

(it might be an Australian shortening I'm not sure)

@LottieVixen @vkc

ooh, I like it so much I'm considering going a step further and using just the first syllable, "ets" with the 'e' as in 'met'

to go along with at @ hash # splat * and bang !

I welcome proposals to obscurely shorten other 'nix-ish things ;-)

(no lie I've seen people get salty about the use of 'dunder' in Python & while I'm totally on board with working to minimize it in introductory material without explanation, or otherwise as a gatekeeping shibboleth, the vehemence has rocked me at least once)

@vkc nobody has to vocalize system folder names, they are for reading/writing only

@dudenas @vkc

Such a sweeping statement.

First 3 off the top of my head:
- Screen Readers
- Podcasts
- Video Tutorials

@aur_plygu @vkc of course I agree. I meant it as a joke, apparently stupid :)

@dudenas @vkc

Not stupid at all.

Just unclear, on the Internet tone is not conveyed.

On the plus side noone knows you're a domesticated cannine either, so swings and roundabouts.

@vkc Nominally, like "et cetera" in Latin, but I call it "ets" a not-insignificant amount of the time.

@vkc I voted "et-cetera" but I am a monster and say it how I say that word when abbreviated: "Et-cuh".

@vkc I say et-see because this is the go-go-go 21st century and I’ve got no time for ee-tee-cee or et-cetera.

@vkc I’ve also got no time for Peter Cetera but that apropos of nothing.

@vkc this needs to be a multiple choice poll, because: yes, those are exactly how i pronounce it.

@vkc I did originally say "et cetera" when I first encountered it, but having been exposed to do many "et-see" people in the intervening years I notice I just kinda accidentally started saying that. 🙃

@vkc When talking to other ppl, usually the first, sometimes the last; but in my head, it's just "ets"

@vkc I say my /etc like I say my SQL, my TCP, my USB, and my ISO.

I once had a nephew at a Thanksgiving who was like, “Oh yeah? Well I can do them in order! ABCDEFGH…”

@pop_justy "sequel", "tickpuh", "oosebuh", and "eyeso". Got it! 😜

@pop_justy I did know someone who pronounced TCP/IP as "tick-pip" and I thought it was kinda fun.

@vkc Okay so now I’m curious as to how UDP/IP would be pronounced.


@vkc the y at the end of etsy I don't pronounce as long in etc as etsy

"ee-tee-see" - editable text configuration?!?

@vkc I want to pronounce it et-cee but for now I don't. Trying to retrain myself

@vv I've always heard it as "et-see" when I was learning Linux admin, and it just kinda stuck for me. Someone mentioned "et-cet" as an alternative and I think I really like that- might have to retrain myself!

@vkc I wonder what the age breakdown of this is. I'm 48, and in the do minority in votes so far, et-see.

@vkc I just pronounce it like eckt in my head but I know it’s et cetera

@vkc have heard it being said like etsy...but not from where i come and i find it when i pretend to be cool...

@vkc btw, your videos are awesome...and so are you. have a nice day..or two.

@vkc That one is tricky. I'm not sure I pronounce it consistently. I think I even say "ets" sometimes, which doesn't even make sense. 😆

@vkc Et Cetera. It’s a big directory full of stuff. There was never a plan to have all the config files in one place, so they just got shoved in the “stuff” folder. See also: /usr used to be where the user home directories were kept in the original Unix implementation but the disk filled up because they kept putting programs and libraries in there (/usr/bin, /usr/lib) so the homes got moved to /home on a new disk and it stuck

The Unix hierarchy was congealed rather than designed.

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