I know a lot of folks went back to Twitter, but I'm really happy to be here, still.

Just feels better. Slower, happier, more constructive.

@vkc I'm glad you're still here too. You're a delightful addition to the timeline.

@vkc yeah, this is the usual ebbs and flows of the tide with new users.

Some always stick around, and it's usually because it's the right time for them.

@vkc I barely use Twitter now. Only when I want a widely blind audience.

@devinprater I'm considering crossposting YouTube/Peertube videos over there, but I don't know... slippery slope.

My head feels much clearer not being on Twitter!

If you have a script that does it for you and you never check twitter, why not?
To make sure you don't check twitter, get the "redirector" extension for Firefox and redirect every twitter URL that has your profile in it to your mastodon account.

(And every twitter URL to #nitter 😉)

@vkc I split my time between the two. There's still a lot of interesting people over there that I enjoy following, but I come here for the science-y stuff.

@RL_Dane @vkc

This is still higher than it was :)

There are periodic waves like this, and they go down immediately after, but the level remains higher than before the wave.

It's sort of like the tide coming in, the waves come and go but each time the water level increases a bit.

This account showing graphs of Masto subscriptions seems to display a slight and steady growth. Much better than the stagnation from before.

I can't find you the graphs right now but maybe tomorrow.

@vkc I kind of hop back and forth between the two. I have more friends who are on Twitter only though, so I have to communicate there with them. But I do like Mastodon very much.

@vkc i am too, but i still need twitter.

mastodon is very kind and i love that with all of my heart, but personally i'm not always feeling so kind.
this is not a place to let your anger out and as someone often filled with rage about the world we live in i need that outlet. i try not to be the first to bring that rage here.

@vkc totally agree. I don't see a bunch of irrelevant junk here. Healthier, better.

@vkc I had a Twitter account for years and never really got into it. Once I started fleshing out my follows on the Fediverse... I really like it.

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