Retro console question:

I just acquired a Gen 1 Sega Genesis (called Mega Drive internationally, I believe?). I wasn't a Sega kid really, but it has what looks like an 8-pin DIN connector for AV out. I confirmed with a spare plug that it's physically compatible.

Is this interchangeable with SCART/composite cables I have for the VIC-20 or C-64? I've got an RGB cable on order, but it'll be a while before it gets here. Just want to know if I should dig out those cables to test the Genesis.

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I'm thinking the C-64 chroma/luma (s-video bits) aren't compatible, but what about the 5 pins from the earlier ones? I need to find a pinout...

@vkc Still need a pinout? off the top of my head I'm pretty sure they're not compatible but I'd be glad to dig something up if you need help

@vkc actually, now I remember have a C64 A/V cable that I used to use for my Genesis, and I'm pretty sure that what I did was only plug in the video signal and took the audio out from the headphone jack, until I had the time to make a new one with the correct pinout

@68km That's super helpful. I wish I could track down a repair pinout- I just care about composite video anyway (at least until I get some RGB cables here). I just want to do a video quality comparison between the horrible RF and composite (I'm planning a video about options).

@vkc have you found one like this?

It was several years ago now so the more I think about it the more I think that I actually opened the plug and resoldered the video from pin 3 (in the genesis image) to pin 2 (genesis image). So if you have multiples of those SCART cables and are comfortable, I'd recommend that as a quick solution

@vkc does this crappy image I just made make sense? this is the pinout of my confirmed working composite A/V genesis 1 cable

@68km Totally makes sense. I think it's probably more trouble than it's worth for me to make a cable, considering I know I'll just use an RGB cable in the end (I just want a composite video for a few seconds of footage to show difference between it, RGB, and RF).

@Sn0wlink I saw that but "pins 1 and 3 are swapped?" on the page has me concerned about the accuracy...

If I had one, I'd probably start by making a breakout cable into a breadboard and see what works. Just be careful as we don't want any accidents.

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