New video!

I'm not telling folks to spin up their own Mastodon instance. Here's why. :)

Link is via YouTube- the Peertube upload is going slower than usual (ha!), but it is coming.

Wow! Lots of interest in this video- more than I anticipated. Thank you! Hope it's helpful!

@vkc Loved the video! I think you have a very good point - we can't miss out the community aspect of it!

@vkc lol, just when I was thinking about doing just that (though my motivations are mostly academic in nature, to learn more about mastodon operations). I’ll look forward to watching!

@vkc You're a treasure and a joy. Don't worry too much about us. :blobblush:

@vkc I'm hoping more interested based relays get created to connect single users instances

@vkc I would love a regional instance but living in pensyltucky I suspect it would get too politically heated for me so I'll stick with one of the FOSS instances.

@vkc I totally love you not having a hot take on social media, while giving solid social media addiction advice.

Sure, some twit will get triggered by it, but let's just ignore those people..

@vkc You probably saw this, but apparently you can potentially get yourself in legal trouble spinning up your own instance. Great thread at

@vkc My instance is running on a Pi 4 stuck under my TV. I probably should move it to its more permanent location with my other Pi servers.

Hosting your own instance is great, when it breaks down you get to keep all the bits and then learn all about fixing it.

It's all the fun of 1990s Linux, but in the modern world 😏 great video, and yes I do want to throw my computer into the sun:)

@vkc seems like the interest in #peertube is increasing, so awesome!

@vkc the video thumbnail screencap is misleading!

I was hoping you were going to give tips on standing up a Mastodon instance ☹️

As always, this is another excellent video! Linux is awsome and so are you.

@vkc if I didn’t have my bot (@ApplesauceFluxes), there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have my vanity instance - although I’ve enjoyed learning about Mastodon by setting it up :) And I do enjoy having my vanity domain, so it’s definitely my sort of thing! 🤣 Good general advice for sure, though.

@vkc The music at the end reminded me of the the ending of The Signal.

@vkc will watch later, would the peertube link already be up?

@coffee It's transcoding now, but the upload finished a bit ago. Soon!

@vkc I was a bit wary before I started, but after watching it... yeah. Completely agree. I also admin a several thousand user instance, and the workload is.... :pony_piedepression:

Worth it, but yeah. This Akkoma instance I spun up is my relief from all that when I want to. :flan_smile:

@vkc Well done! Loved the the community-building advocacy. That was spot-on.

Also: the outro tune is awesome. I got strong Bach Prelude (Cmaj) vibes from the arp and your chord changes. 👍👍

@vkc Another good video, as per usual 😀 , you let your love for the Fediverse transpire in it. I totally agree with you on the community building aspect of it, I'm on a small instance of coffee lovers filled with great people and is much more cozy than a bigger instance and lot less lonely that being on your own personal one. Another important point and that I reinforce is to support your admins, managing an instance is hard work and they provide us, the users, a great service

@vkc Awesome video, I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the Fediverse.

Thanks for the nice video.
Totally right on the point that the local tab of a small mastodon server is nice especially if you know the people.

Am in a small german anime community i volunteer for helping with some of the smaller events.

@vkc Watching one of Your videos I noticed "Repair Manifesto" poster on the wall and started reading about it, ty!

@vkc Great video! I am on the opposite end of the spectrum! 😂 I think more people should start their own solo instances, but I do like your idea of starting instances with people you have met in the physical world. 👍🏾
I posted about the benefits of solo hosting (with videos) here:
Too Long; Did Not Read:
👉🏾 Easier to moderate
👉🏾 Avoid Instance wars/bans & international bans
👉🏾 Better verification method

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