New video!

I'm not telling folks to spin up their own Mastodon instance. Here's why. :)

Link is via YouTube- the Peertube upload is going slower than usual (ha!), but it is coming.

Wow! Lots of interest in this video- more than I anticipated. Thank you! Hope it's helpful!


Video is now live on Peertube! Go check it out over on TILvids!

@vkc seems like the interest in #peertube is increasing, so awesome!

@vkc the video thumbnail screencap is misleading!

I was hoping you were going to give tips on standing up a Mastodon instance ☹️

@vkc if I didn’t have my bot (@ApplesauceFluxes), there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have my vanity instance - although I’ve enjoyed learning about Mastodon by setting it up :) And I do enjoy having my vanity domain, so it’s definitely my sort of thing! 🤣 Good general advice for sure, though.

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