In the last day I’ve had a ton of folks asking why I don’t post to Odysee - largely based on my Mastodon video, I’m guessing.

FYI- I will not post to Odysee. Lots of reasons, primary among them that they host a lot of hateful content - content that violates their own community guidelines - and as such I do not trust them to be good stewards of the community.

I’m a strong believer in moderation. Odysee apparently isn’t. So, Veronica Explains won’t be there.

If you don’t like YouTube, I post everything to TILvids. They’re worth checking out!


I only post here on this Mastodon account, on my blog occasionally (, on YouTube, and on TILvids. Occasionally I’ll use a BBS.

I do not post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Expage, or any other app as far as I know. Any account you see on any other web platform is probably not mine.

My digital life is boring, and I like it that way!

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@vkc Any fun #BBS to try around #minnesota ?

Also kinda makes me wish I had a modem to Ethernet system to get old machines online, old school style. But alas, #tempusfugit

@breadbin I don't know of any local BBS... yet? I'd love to discover more though.

As far as modem-to-Ethernet, there are some cool options. I've had some good luck with the C64 and some of the Wi-Fi/Ethernet options there, and I'm playing with one on the Amiga right now!

Retro Rewind has a great C64-to-WiFi userport card which is a lot of fun. :)

@vkc /me raises a glass to you and your spirit!

@vkc I love the top matrix printer in your intro. My Dad was one of the founders of Printronix. Sure miss him

@markbarrus I bet he had some stories! I love these old printers- I come across them plenty working in COBOL systems and they're fun to mess about on! :)

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