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Howdy folks! I'm Mike (he/him). I'm living in Seattle at present but relocating to Minneapolis in the next month or so. Looking for ideas on where to live!

I'm interested in socialist politics, theory, organizing, etc. I love bicycles and cycling and (aspirationally) bike activism! Also a big fan of cooking, making and drinking coffee, breweries, and the great outdoors. Also books.

I'm a software engineer interested in , , and peer-to-peer distributed software.

Leave your phone at home!

1. Don't be tracked. Google, Apple, your nosy phone company, and the growing surveillance state can fuck off.

2. Washing it when you come back is a pain in the bum. And if you touched it while out, you do need to wash it.

3. You really don't want to hold a phone or anything right next to your face. If somebody calls and you're in the habit of answering, this can happen without thinking.

4. All trips are short now and you don't need it.


See y'all at the sculpture park, Capitol, and places in between.

Shout out to everyone I see biking home in scrubs, chef jackets, safety vests, and other signs that you just finished a hard day of work on your feet. Thank you for your labor, and for biking!

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Bernie politics 

If you like neighbors for more neighbors you're gonna love this

Are folx going to the climate strike? When and where? I'm hearing reports of potentially two different locations (M & SP) and want to know where peeps are gonna be!

Not having a car and having to rely on metro transit is really frustrating sometimes.

Why is there a mobile surveillance mast in Bde Maka Ska park? Who put it there? How can it be removed?

My partner and I growing vegetables and flowers from seed this year. I'm surprised at how satisfying it is having something to care for 🌱

I'm gonna do it. I'm going to live my best life, the life I've always wanted to live.

I'm putting in a bidet.

when pets smoosh their noses against you and fall asleep and breathe warm sleepy snores on you

(boost if you agree)

Lemme tell ya though, after one (1) day of Actual Labor, mad respect to anyone who works with their hands or on their feet all day. Raise the minimum wage, socialize healthcare and childcare, etc etc ✊🏻

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Today is , when we mourn those lost to anti-trans violence in the past year. Please take a moment to remember their names: (CW in link: implied violence; causes of death listed when known)


Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living. :flag_transgender: 🕯️


Political actions critical of unjust wars should be remembered and honored.

Can we ban fares tho? Cuz it's a municipal public service and totally necessary when we :bancars:
@WedgeLIVE @atTimWalz

"We're all just stewards of the future. And I would ask the committee to be a steward of our city: plan for climate change and pursue more diverse housing."

Anyone know of a place in the MSP area where Japanese curry roux blocks are sold?

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