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the bag that our Thai food came in but also my 1920s gangster name

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wow, i'm so excited to start a new game! wahoo! can't wait!
uhhhhhhhhhhh *paces around for 5 hours*

the music profs have dubbed seeing everyone's faces at once on Zoom "the Brady Brunch thing"

"i'm making a simple mac and cheese," she said, setting out dijon mustard, 3 kinds of cheese, ghost pepper, and those French fried onions that usually go on top of green bean casserole

I created a logic puzzle for my 7yo nephew last week (after promising to since Xmas), mailed it to him with "sorry for the delay!" and just got this response.

@HillOBeans @lawremipsum I have trained the cat to get in the middle of the action (adjusting camera angle as necessary to assist)

anyway i'm watching pokemon for some mental escape from covid-hellworld but this is not really doing the trick

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next you'll be telling me that Meowth doesn't even have a Brooklyn accent in the original Japanese voice acting

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you know how the very foundation of everything you know to be true is suddenly shaken from beneath your feet?? anyway this is the japanese pokemon opening theme, which i have just heard for the very first time

i found ANOTHER shared outfit in that same tennis scene with the squiggly-navy-collar blouse! it's the pink and purple dotted outfit, seen here in two different eps of poirot. oh, would that this were 2007 and i would just plop my findings on my famous blog, andrea-obsesses-over-poirot-clothes @ wordpress dot com

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i do this little "good GRIEF!" eyebulge whenever people say something stupid at meetings, and now i get to watch my Zoom reflection do it in real time. it's great/weird

it finally happened: Buddy clambered cutely up his cat tree in the background of a Microsoft Teams check-in with my boss, eliciting a squeal of delight

me, who played Stardew Valley once last year: i better learn about gardening bc hashtag hellworld, let's see how long onions take to grow, i bet it's like a mon-- THREE YEARS???!?!

tried to explain social distancing to the cat; i don't think the message got across

moment of zen: chatting with the POC grocery store clerk about her family fave anti-cold/cough beverage -- a smoothie with lime, onion, and cinnamon, and lots more -- and watching the eyebrows of the white lady behind me in line

I'm on @earthtopus 's brother's porch watching jeopardy thru someone's curtain-less living room window, get on my level

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