In Warren's defense, it is less than an hour before dinner. It's a behavioral free for all and I know that.

<- although as I typed this, guess who hopped into my lap and smacked the glasses of my face

"He's one of those food-obsessed ginger toms that you absolutely cannot reason with." —someone describing their cat except that this is clearly about Warren

I'd have more sympathy if the clearest pavement I walked on wasn't the goddamn roadway.

58 minutes ago. I left my apartment 58 minutes ago and am only now getting on a bus.

*gives up on metro transit and walks to Saint Paul, besting the time of any available bus route*

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Warren is testing whether or not the treats might be awarded proportionally, I guess.

This? This is a treatless table kitty. Do not pity him, for he knows the price of his table brashness.

"Only floor kitties get treats! Table kitties don't get treats!" —me, daily, as I shove a cat paw away from my plate

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It looks like the delay will add a total of 45 minutes to my morning commute. So... Almost two hours today.

I need to come up with a better strategy.

I was going to have to wait 9 minutes to transfer to this other bus but now I will miss it by 10 and then wait for 20 for the next. Don't take infrequent lines, my babies. Learn from the mistakes I have made.

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@hollyamory If you don't know this already: The Dutch word for verb is "werkwoord" and that is delightful.

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