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I think I need something new to happen.


That’s all. Good morning, everyone who isn’t one of my cats.

I got tickets to some Twin Cities Horror Festival shows for next weekend and the weekend after.

And requested books about the 19th century Chautauqua movement through interlibrary loan.

So it's been a real party for a Friday.

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argh ben's on a work call and he's a therapist and i could hear everything he's saying so now i have to turn on the central heating so we're hipaa-compliant and now the apartment will be too hot

FEDERAL LAWS ARE TYRANNY *hordes guns and canned food*

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27 articles downloaded from JSTOR. How many will I actually read? Let's start a pool!

(I was weighting down the tea bag in the hot water with a fork and then… okay, it wasn't hot enough to really *burn*, but it was uncomfortable, surprising and wholly avoidable.)

How many times in this life am I going to absentmindedly forget what an excellent conductor of heat metal is? OW. THAT. HURT.

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One of the others I found (and I'm really going to stop looking into this now): "One minute you're attending a party atop the world's tallest skyscraper. The next... you're trapped with 294 other guests in the middle of a fiery hell."


Oh. Ben's is, "There are three sides to this love story."

Which is either smuttily exciting or betrays how I prefer to hanging out with cats rather than Deal With Things.

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