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People are always dunking on gender reveals,
but mine killed the dinosaurs so,

you’re welcome

i remain mushy-brained from these painkillers that is all

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Someone on Etsy reworked old Soviet propaganda posters to be about cats. It's pretty great.

I had such plans for this evening and here we are, frozen Trader Joe's spanakopita, just you and me.

The sun's out again and I'm kinda hammered. AN AUGUSTMONDAY IN THE MIDWEST AMIRITE

So much for getting things done tonight. This is gonna be a two-cocktail severe thunderstorm warning at a minimum, judging from radar.

I got as far as the bar and decided the coming storm is stronger than my will to get home.

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This is how we sleep now, I guess.

It's Warren's world. I'm just living in it. Truly.

I downloaded the electric scooter apps because someday I'm going to be desperate.

Let's declare independence and make this the portrait on one of our banknotes, okay? Okay!

I don't know if I've shared this hilarious photo of Warren yet. I want to commission it as a painting.

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