I will be a Minneapolitan again on Sat., Dec. 29 at noon.


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Ben had to take Nocturne to the vet today and apparently Nocturne *really* didn’t want to go because he took a swipe at Ben and now my husband looks like he has gills.

Sometimes a fragment of a song gets stuck in my head for weeks at a time. This is quite often followed by a minor, usually calming epiphany.

The latest example: "Je garde ma colère / pour de meilleurs batailles. / Le vent qui te travaille / me gâche."

Which is: I'm keeping my anger / for better battles / The wind that works for you / ruins me.

Time for the humidifier. The cats are sparking.

I came into work and now I'm all, like, "My cats aren't here. This is bullshit." So I'm going home now.

(Also, I'm still pretty sick with this cold-flu thingy.)

Sometimes I arrange things specifically so Warren feels like he's getting away with something naughty. It's fun for both of us.

I looked up in time to see Warren retreating quickly into the bedroom. He was carrying an envelope of cat treats in his mouth—label out, like a good spokeskitten. He was moving swiftly with his tail (or nub, rather) happily straight up and his body language was all, like, "Oh boy oh boy oh boy..." IT WAS ADORABLE.

I still took the treats away from him, though.

Maybe I have a low tolerance for… this.

I think I have a new rule that I can only cry at work four times a year and I just hit number five, so I guess résumés are going out tonight.

I'm calling this mood "frustrated affection."

Anyhow, let me know if you think my cat needs professional help from a therapist or clergy.

Warren is doing that thing again where if I don't pay attention to him and he's on my lap, he pulls my head down by putting his paw on top of my head—and then bites my scalp... except not really biting, just dragging his teeth across my skin.

It's deeply weird.

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