Everyone: I have created a lighting scene with the Hue LED bulbs that is based on Warren's fur and I may be at peak cat nerd.

Guess what I got to do?!? Use five hours of my day to travel 60 miles because traffic!

Seattle: Everything Annoying About Minneapolis, But Way Worse!

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this seems like misanthropy but it's not Show more

I guess by that, I mean there are more than zero.

There's a surprising number of Dutch-language books at the Savers in Fridley or Columbia Heights or whenever the hell I am.

It is with profound disappointment that I must announce that my apartment is a few hundred feet shy of being bisected by the 45th parallel north.

I would have built a monument and everything.

Please respect my family's privacy at this time of sorrow.

oh i didn't know there was a button in my work email for "mark all as read"

i just went from about 1250 unread(able) messages to 0! amazing!

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I've accomplished so many things already today but I had to get up at 4:45 a.m. to do them so basically everything is a haze of sleepy resentment.

And now I'm reminded of the time my friend Natascha and I tried to come up with translations for Cheez-Its. We settled on "Fromagez!" in French and "Mach's Käsig!" in German.

"Fromagez!" is pretty hilarious, tbqh.

whenever i see "rock the garden," my brain always thinks "haha in german that would be "rocken Sie den Garten" except of course it absolutely wouldn't be.

Someone on this bus smells like a scented candle my mom used to drag out every Christmas and now it's Advent 1982 and I desperately want my own typewriter (I was not a typical boy).

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