Well, in a way, it’s comforting that MetroTransit fucked up my commute in the second day of doing it. Glad that there are constants in the world. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to wait in an industrial area with freezing cold wind for 40 minutes while the next available bus ambles its way here.

Aaaargh! Okay, so basically around Hennepin and 280, believe exactly zero of the bus stop labels if you’re looking for a 61.


Anyhow, three different stops (and two missed buses later), I seem to be on my way to work. Only *checks watch* 96 minutes today. 🥺


Sorry to hear about the start of your day, but it occurred to me that MetroTransit probably is using realtime location optimization so...

Here is their api: svc.metrotransit.org/

There are probably sites/apps to help track down where the nearest connection can be made, for future trip management.

@tricoteur Yeah, this probably wouldn't have happened if I'd relied on either Google Maps or the MetroTransit website. I am being punished for straying from the digital.

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