Here's a photo I found of my Grandma Mildred (left) throwing some pretty good shade at my Grandma Alice.

Here's something I found on Etsy.

Oh, Flannery. You were so great.

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After he has doubled in size, bake your Warren until golden brown. Then it’s time to take him out of the oven, cool him off and brush him with butter.

I like it when Warren decides to hang out with me rather than doing something else that I know interests him a great deal. We’re camping out in the bedroom while our delightful cleaner, Lindsay, scrubs the apartment down. Typically, Warren likes to help/investigate everything. Not today. He picked me today.

This is my Facebook profile photo right now and it’s perfect.

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Here’s an animated gif of Warren doing important Warren stuff (with Ben’s legs in the background).

Warren! The! Cat! He’s basically a weighted blanket and white noise machine in one.

Welp. My first drink since July 31. My nutritionist would tsk-tsk but it’s delicious and I’ve had a hard month and it’s $13.50 so I’m not having a second.

Facebook seldom has good memories. This was a good one from two years ago: "I know it's autumn because I'm covered in cats."

I went to a paper store and bought v hi-quality notebooks and now am having Nando’s Peri-Peri.

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