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Hi! Here's a photo of Warren and me. I was making brioche and Warren wanted to supervise because it smelled like butter and was moving fast and making noises. He was mesmerized. Mesmerized!

This is how we sleep now, I guess.

It's Warren's world. I'm just living in it. Truly.

I don't know if I've shared this hilarious photo of Warren yet. I want to commission it as a painting.

Here's a photo of downtown Minneapolis a few minutes ago as seen from my apartment.

Also, here is a photo from last week of Nocturne gazing longingly at the tomato plant.

(He would later go on to not only chomp a leaf, but ingest a mouthful or two. And then he spent the next day feeling gross and hiding under the couch. I'd like to say he learned his lesson, but he did not—so now we have new rules about him being on the balcony.)

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Warren and I really love our engagement photo.

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My earlier toot about poutine made me remember that I'm celebrating 15 years of having a hopeless crush on Paul Gross. Happy anniversary, pretend Canadian husband.

Look who figured out how to get himself on top of the new bookcases. 😬

Warren is testing whether or not the treats might be awarded proportionally, I guess.

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This? This is a treatless table kitty. Do not pity him, for he knows the price of his table brashness.

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Warren thanks all of you for thinking of him yesterday. He said it was a lovely Valentine's gift.

Here's some Warren since I haven't tooted Warren in a while.


Anyhow, last night, we went to "Electric Desert," a light and music installation at the Desert Botanical Garden. It was surreal and delightful.

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This isn't what I got but someone should wire $1200 here so I can get this.

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A rainy morning has thwarted our desert plans, so we had these tamales for breakfast and praise be unto the gods, for they saw fit to give me life in North America, where treasures such as these are plentiful.

Hi, friends. Here's a video of an organic medjool date farm we drove past and now I want to own a date farm.


Hi from Iowa, everyone oh wait no hi from South Dak... Nebraska! Hi from Nebraska!

Air travel is always weird to me.

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Haha. After I posted this, the Book of Faces told me this was my photo from two years ago. À propos, non?

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