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Everyone: I have created a lighting scene with the Hue LED bulbs that is based on Warren's fur and I may be at peak cat nerd.

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@t54r4n1 This wasn’t, though! If it had been, I’d’ve been all, like, “yep, okay.” I was irritated mainly because the terribleness was compounded by appalling driving behavior.

Guess what I got to do?!? Use five hours of my day to travel 60 miles because traffic!

Seattle: Everything Annoying About Minneapolis, But Way Worse!

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@hollyamory Although I love how North American anglophones haven’t yet met a phonetic question we didn’t immediately want to answer with, “We should probably just add more R sounds, right?”

@hollyamory Oh, yes, 100%. A good assumption (not just in language) is that (1) my quirk is probably shared by lots of other people and (2) even if it’s not, everyone almost certainly has an analogous quirk and we should sit down with some cocktails or tea and share notes about them.

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@hollyamory I'd like to add to the penultimate point that, in my experience, how my Midwestern face-hole pronounces "redder," "letter" and "wetter" is pretty much the same and sounds approximately like a string of three different /r/ sounds–i.e., "r-rr-rr"—to a good many humans.

Also, all of those words sound like "read her" (in "I have read her a story"), "let her" and "wed her." As long as "her" is unstressed. Because North American Englishes gotta North American English.

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@densetsu Oh, Theatre Arlo *stares wistfully into middle distance*

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@densetsu "1776" cast entirely with disappointing celebrities.

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