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I kind of want to read a Flannery O'Connor short story aloud at the table today and then make everyone present reflect on how God's grace is very often found in acts which annihilate the ego.

Thanksgiving eve is Warren's favorite day, I think. So many things for a kitten to beg for. So many things for a kitten to hope falls on the kitchen floor during frenzied prep.

Is there a bicycle or microbrew pun that I could cram into this? Let's go for broke on this one.

I kind of want to get a Minnesota United shirt and then put "RAVENCLAW" underneath it.

Well, that was fun. Although I’m looking forward to spending markedly less time in Washington County come January.

I’m at a head shop in Oakdale in case you were wondering.

I know I’ve used that before but (1) it’s still applicable and (2) I love it.

The Mads were fun! I like MST3K alumni shows. I should go to more of them.

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At the heart of every meow is an ultimatum.

Also, it only takes about 25 more minutes to get to Ottawa than Washington, DC.

I think it's very odd that to drive from Minneapolis-Saint Paul to Ottawa, the largest town you pass through is about 125,000. It's basically leave here, go east through a bunch of forest and, voilà, Parliament.

I suddenly would like there to be a game show about identifying cheese.

They need to skip this during campaign years or have it not so close to election days. MY EMAIL JUST GOT BACK TO NORMAL.

Liv to the Max Day: Watch movies including "Empire Records" and "Stealing Beauty" and "Armageddon" and "Lord of the Rings"

Shiv to the Max Day: Fashion a weapon and have at it

Glib to the Max Day: This

Sieve to the Max Day: When you've made a custard and want to get out any clumpy bits before chilling

Forgive to the Max Day: Maybe a fun new rebranding of Rosh Hashanah?

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