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I had drinks with a friend that turned into Shocking Confessional with a Friend, Who Kept Egging Me On Because We're Old Now And This Is EXCITING.

My new song about automobilists, to the tune of “Rawhide”:

Swervin’, swervin’, swervin’!
Keep that Honda swervin’!
Don’t pay no attention,
Let’s drive!

Through email, texts and snacking
How dare you say I’m slacking
The only clear solution
Is to widen lanes—pollution!
Let’s pay nothin’ no attention!
Let’s drive!

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Anyhow, moving into the new place went well and we are very nearly done cleaning the old place except I got pink eye on the process and I’m convinced it’s because of all the dust we kicked up or all the time we spent around unwashed hordes at Ikea.

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First stop: U-Haul for a cargo van. Then loading it up with furniture things for Goodwill.

We begin the process of physically moving today. Come with me on this somewhat irritating journey, won’t you?

I remembered there’s a cooking school for children called “Wee Chef” and i chortled.

oh right the hungarian word for "happy" is "boldog" and that's delightful.

My mother-in-law gave us each a gift card and I bought a vacuum with it. I texted my husband to tell him that not only did I buy a vacuum that works on carpet *and* hard floors, but I got one with a special attachment for pet hair. And then sent "This was a middle-age sext."

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