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It has several jokes about how uptight Sweden is and ends with a big number that involves most of the cast waving tiny Norwegian flags while two characters run across the state with full-size Norwegian flags and if that's not a recipe for making a fortune in suburban and greater Minnesota theater, I don't know what would be.

This reminds me of the really excellent comedy musical based on "Master Builder" I saw at Montreal Fringe a few years ago. It was called "Nothing Never Happens in Norway" and if I could get the damn rights to it, I'd have to put buckets at the box office to catch all the money people would throw at me to see it.

(in this scenario, the Vikings sweatshirt is floor-length and is paired with a shawl that has "SKOAL" or whatever intricately embroidered on it)

*a young woman in a Vikings sweatshirt arrives* "My letter of introduction from the mayor of Le Center. He said there would be work for me here and that you were kind."

Maybe reading Ibsen first thing in the morning wasn't such a hot idea. I am resigned to my fate and wish for a plain, small-town servant to do the laundry.

TFW there's a winter storm watch for a day you took off work but it's not a day when you're traveling.


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Do you know who's a lot of fun? People who think the essence of collaboration is obedience.

Anyhow, off to more meetings.

The last 24 hours must be the Feast of a Thousand Forbidden Snacks on Warren's kitty calendar. Last night, he stole Nocturne's pill pocket (and pill). This morning it was devouring a chunk of two-day-old moussaka wedged between the stove and the counter.

Anyhow, may each of you have joyous season as your cats, too, taste the delights of the Thousand Forbidden Snacks. May you discover enlightening new tastes and find only the most absorbent textiles to barf upon.

Warren stole the treat that was concealing Nocturne's meds, so now I guess I'm on kitty barf watch duty for the night.

I don't know *what* it is, but I just *freeze*. IT'S WEIRD.

At some point in my life, someone's going to speak French to me and my reaction will be something other than panic.

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Cookie is getting chubby, so she's on a diet. I have to look into these eyes and tell her no, you can't have any more chunks in jelly. #TheStruggleIsReal

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