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On Facebook, I came up with "Naked and Afraid: Metro Transit" to explain my luck lately.

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(I'm worried about the Red River valley. I can't imagine the dread that must be settling in between Fargo and Winnipeg.)

46% chance of >12" snowfall on Saturday. 90% for >6".


It's not the snow I find so demoralizing. It's that it will make sidewalks and buses even more unusable.

Also, should I be buying the waders people wear for trout fishing in creeks? Because I'm really unenthused about what's going to happen to sidewalks and curbs when this begins melting.

I should not sit down at my desk in Dayton's Bluff, Saint Paul at 9:35 a.m. when I left my apartment in Northeast Minneapolis at 7:45 a.m., Metro Transit.

We need a word for communications stuff (publications, websites, applications) that have a bunch of "helpful" wizards/presets you can't override while simultaneously overlooking the most basic needs of users.

I guess we could just call it "rockstar design" or "wanton disruption."

It does me no good to have five bookmarks all labeled the same and I'm not memorizing stop numbers, ffs. I changed it in Chrome, of course, but I'm part of the 0.1% of site users* who would bother to.

*not an actual statistic

Writing a plea to Metro Transit to make their <title>s contain more information about the locations of stops on NexTrip pages is very on brand for me.

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The 30 and 61 are really spirit-crushing routes, though.

Anecdotally, the bus drivers on east/west lines are less chipper than the drivers on north/south lines. I'm sure this observation cannot withstand any scrutiny.

I don't fully understand what derails their wee brains sometimes, but it's still precious and adorable.

Cats! Nocturne ate half his food and then left... to go into the next room and sit next to Warren as Warren ate. And Nocturne just sat, staring with daggers in his eyes at Warren, incredulous that Warren would be eating food clearly intended for Nocturne. And then I was, like, “Nocturne. Go. Eat. Your. Food.” And then he looked at me all, “Oh, wow! You gave me food?!” and ran back to his dish.

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