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Kitty story (happy) 

Kitty story (happy) 

Kitty story (happy) 

whhhhyyyyyyy do i have to do this job when i'm leaving it in a week whyyyyyy so unfair man the barricades burn it all down

religion (but nice) 

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I like my men like I like my coffee, partially digested by the noble civet

"Shall I defuzz your caffeine syrup, sir?"

"Yes, thank you, Jeeves."

After my surgery, I can't have carbonation so if I'm super tired and want a Red Bull, I have to pour it into a glass and vigorously agitate it with a spoon until it's more or less flat. Every part of this new little ritual is appealing to me.

Let's go get milk and library books and some gardening supplies, everybody!

*puts on pseudo Viking helmet, grabs sword*

This day shall be our day of errand-running glory! SAAAAATURRRRRRDAAAAAYYYYYY!

*runs out the door*

Selfie, cat selfie, eye contact 

Then I'll put my head on the table and gently say, "I can't solve the puzzle, Pat. Put the rest on a gift certificate." And maybe not move or say anything until everyone else leaves the room.

If I have a meeting today (almost certain) and someone says something incomprehensible (absolutely certain), I think I might try to look confused and say, "Uhhh... Okay, I think I'd like to buy a vowel now." And then see what the reaction is.

I am #1 on Transit for route 30. Fear my infrequent bus route prowess, mortals.

Also it was very good (although not typically my thing, watching people who are very good at what they do do the thing they're very good at is always a good time). It's shocking how much control a 9 year old can have and I was amazed that there wasn't more fidgeting.

Anyhow, I went with a friend to the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge at the Saint Paul Cathedral and I'm not saying every English kid looks like a Harry Potter extra, but there was definitely a Malfoy and a Longbottom in their ranks.


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