It’s a rainy Wednesday and my hair is everywhere and I am serving hedge–witch-but-make-it-fashion (eye contact)

@nicepersonality I did not know I had fashion goals, but apparently I just never thought of fashionable hedge witch, and here we are.

@Chelseaknits my overall aesthetic seems to be settling into the gray area between “Lands’ End lesbian” and “teen goth.” I’m calling it “coven casual” 🧙🏻‍♀️

@nicepersonality @Chelseaknits I wish I had a half as well-developed fashion sense as y'all. I'm just macrotargeting "GIRL"

@lawremipsum @Chelseaknits tbh it’s more a case of getting stuff I like and shelving or donating stuff I don’t and then trying to justify it as a conscious Look after the fact


@nicepersonality @lawremipsum Seems as legit a strategy as any. You both have really good instincts, I think.

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