I was talking with a friend from law school last night and he's three years younger than me but swear to God he looks at least 10 years older?

I guess I *could* have a distorted idea of how old I look (dare I solicit people to guess my age?) but I think it's more likely that a decade of parenting and stressful work ages you faster.


@lawremipsum Once when I was told I look younger than I am, I said, brightly, “It’s because I don’t have kids, so I get my beauty sleep!” Let’s just say I don’t use that phrase anymore with people who have kids.

@annika You know the value of sleep on a much more visceral level than I do. And I ~love~ me some sleep. @lawremipsum

@Chelseaknits @lawremipsum More than anything, it taught me that sleep is not mine. It can try to steal it but it can be stolen back at any time for any reason.

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